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Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your risk management program.

Gain Visibility into Top Risks, Risk Trends, and Risk Appetite

Visualize top risks with dashboards and heatmaps, perform trend analysis to measure the effectiveness of your efforts, and monitor key risk indicators to proactively manage risk.

Drive Mitigation 
Action Plans

Create and assign action plans to owners with a single click. Get instant visibility into remediation progress and automate follow-up on outstanding tasks.

Streamline Your Risk Management Program

Automate distribution and aggregation of risk assessments, monitor action plans to completion, and increase engagement from business owners.

Unify Risk Data

Centralize and standardize risk data across the organization. Link risks, controls, and mitigating activities across the AuditBoard platform.

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Top Rated Risk Management Software On

Leading Risk Teams Choose AuditBoard

Leading Risk Teams Choose AuditBoard

Top Rated Risk Software On

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"It is the best software I have seen in my 20+ years of internal auditing."

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